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Rav4 Shift Lever Slide Cover Deformation

Some 2013 – 2015 model year RAV4 vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission may exhibit a condition where the shifter assembly does not operate smoothly due to deformed slide cover. The slide cover deforms when foreign substances like soda or other liquids are spilled onto the slide cover of the shifter. Follow the procedure in this bulletin to address this condition.

1. Inspect the vehicle for the following conditions:

• Damaged Slide Cover due to deformation or distortion.
• Difficult to move shifter due to interference (binding) of the Slide Cover (as shown in

Rav4 Shift Cover Deformation

Here are the three parts in question (refer to bulletin):

35975-0R030 – Slide Cover – For Position Indicator # 1
35976-0R030 – Slide Cover # 2
35971-0R010 – Position Indicator Housing # 3

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