2013 Yaris Accessories

2013 Yaris Accessories

2013 Toyota Yaris Ashtray

Ashtray Cup
Part# 74101-AE010
Model Number(s): All Models

2013 Toyota Yaris Audio

Part# PT546-52096

Part# 86180-0W032

2013 Toyota Yaris Auto Shades

Auto Shades
Part# TT-97

2013 Toyota Yaris Body Side Moldings

Body Side Moldings (1G3 Magnetic Gray Metallic)
Part# PT938-52111-11

Body Side Moldings (1F7 Classic Silver Metallic)
Part# PT938-52111-01
Model Number(s): 1462, 1463, 1464, 1466

Body Side Moldings (788 Lagoon Blue Mica)
Part# PT938-52111-07

Body Side Moldings (8S7 Wave Line Pearl)
Part# PT938-52111-18

Body Side Moldings (8T0 Blazing Blue Pearl)
Part# PT938-52111-08

Body Side Moldings (040 Super White)
Part# PT938-52111-10

Body Side Moldings (3P0 Absolutely Red)
Part# PT938-52111-03

Body Side Moldings (209 Black Sand Mica)
Part# PT938-52111-02

2013 Toyota Yaris Cargo Management

Cargo Net
Part# PT347-52110

Part# PT427-00120
Model Number(s): All Models & Highlander Hybrid

2013 Toyota Yaris Door Sill Protectors

Part# PTS21-52063

2013 Toyota Yaris Driver Convenience

First Aid Kit
Part# PT420-03023
Model Number(s): All Models & Highlander Hybrid

2013 Toyota Yaris Floor Mats

Cargo Tray
Part# PT908-52121

Hatchback Cargo Mat (Black)
Part# PT206-52120-20

Carpet Floor Mats (Black)
Part# PT206-52124-20

All-Weather Floor Mats
Part# PT908-52122-20

2013 Toyota Yaris Mudguards

Rear Mud Guards (2pc)
Part# PU060-52012

2013 Toyota Yaris Rear Bumper Protectors

Rear Bumper Protector (5 door Lift back SE ONLY)
Part# PT278-52121

Rear Bumper Protector (3 and 5 Door L and LE ONLY)
Part# PT278-52120

2013 Toyota Yaris Rear Spoiler

Rear Spoiler (1G3 Magnetic Gray Metallic)
Part# 08150-52880-B1

Rear Spoiler (3P0 Absolutely Red)
Part# 08150-52880-D0

Rear Spoiler (788 Lagoon Blue)
Part# 08150-52880-H0

Rear Spoiler (8S7 Wave Line Pearl)
Part# 08150-52880-J0

Rear Spoiler (209 Black Sand Pearl)
Part# 08150-52880-C0

Rear Spoiler (040 Super White)
Part# 08150-52880-A0

Rear Spoiler (1F7 Classic Silver Metallic)
Part# 08150-52880-B0

2013 Toyota Yaris TRD Performance Parts

TRD Oil Filter (See Description)
Part# PTR43-33010
Model Number(s): 2559, 2560

Part# PTR43-00072
Model Number(s): All Models

2013 Toyota Yaris Wheels

Wheel Lock (5 pc. with Alloy Wheels)
Part# 00276-00900
Model Number(s): All Models & Highlander Hybrid