Prius Technical Information

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Below is a list of bulletins provided by Toyota pertaining to the Prius. These links are in PDF format and hold a wealth of information.

The Toyota Prius the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. It was subsequently introduced worldwide in 2001, with its largest markets being those of Japan and North America. The Prius is the most fuel efficient gas car currently sold in the U.S. according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) also rate the Prius as among the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States based on toxic non-CO2 emissions. A Prius plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powered by lithium-ion batteries will become available for fleet buyers beginning in late 2009. Total all-electric range is 13 miles with speeds up to 60 mph.

2010 Prius Parts
Latest Bulletin:
Prius Rear Brake Squeak TSB009810