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Below is a list of bulletins provided by Toyota pertaining to the Sienna. These links are in PDF format and hold a wealth of information.

In late 1997, Toyota launched the front-engine Sienna in the North American market as a replacement for the mid-engine Previa. Built on an extended platform of the Camry, the Sienna was appropriately marketed as the "Camry of minivans," capitalizing on the Camry's popularity and reputation. It was built in Georgetown, Kentucky. In January 2004, the second-generation Sienna was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Production shifted to Princeton, Indiana, and the former Georgetown plant was retooled to build the second generation Camry Solara. In order to make the redesign more successful, Toyota assigned Yuji Yokoya as chief engineer on the new Sienna project. Yuji and his family drove the previous Sienna over 53,000 miles (85,000 km) throughout North America to find weaknesses from the previous model. The 3rd generation Sienna premiered at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Dec. 2, 2009. For the first time the Sienna will be available with a four cylinder engine. Toyota expects EPA-estimated mileage figures of 19 mpg city/26 mpg highway for models powered by the 4-cylinder engine. The Sienna is the only minivan in its class to offer all-wheel-drive.

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