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Below is a list of bulletins provided by Toyota pertaining to the Sienna. These links are in PDF format and hold a wealth of information.

The Toyota Camry Solara, more commonly known as the Toyota Solara, is a mid-size coupe/convertible. Created to appeal to a demographic of slightly more sport-minded drivers than those who prefer the Toyota Camry sedan, the Camry Solara aspires to blend "sporty" looks and style with spacious practicality. The Toyota Camry Solara was the first vehicle in the Toyota lineup, after their 1997 partnership agreement, to feature a JBL premium stereo option. All models came with a single-slot in-dash CD player and cassette deck. The name Solara was previously used on a motor vehicle by Peugeot, the Talbot Solara.

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Latest Bulletin
Engine Bank 1 and Bank 2 A/F and O2 Identification