Tercel Technical Information

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Below is a list of bulletins provided by Toyota pertaining to the Tercel. These links are in PDF format and hold a wealth of information.

The Tercel is a subcompact manufactured from 1978 to 1999 across five generations, in five body configurations - sized between the Corolla and the Starlet. Manufactured at the Takaoka Plant in Toyota City, Japan, and sharing its platform with the Paseo and the Starlet, the Tercel was replaced by the Echo in 2000. The name "Tercel" derives from the Latin word for "one third" as the Tercel was slightly smaller than the Corolla. The Tercel was introduced in the United States in 1980; it was the first front-wheel drive vehicle ever produced by the automaker. Toyota named it the Corolla Tercel, hoping that the Corolla image - long known for quality and durability - would bring buyers to the new model. The Tercel was meant to be smaller than the Corolla, which it always was throughout its production. However, both the Tercel and the Corolla grew in size, and by the end of its production the Tercel had become almost identical in size to the North American-market '75-'78 Corolla that was current in 1980 at the time the Tercel was introduced.

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