All International Orders

Please read "ALL" of this information if you're purchasing product(s) from outside the United States, Canada, Guam or Puerto Rico.

We do ship to customers outside of the United States and Canada with parts but we only accept payment via Western Union or Bank Wire transfer. PayPal is not accepted!

There are two countries that we do not ship to at this time. The first is Russia and the second is Nigeria. At this point in time we have not been able to successfully send to these countries.

Please email us with the item(s) you would like to order and we will check availability an shipping charges. We will need your complete name and address in order to get an accurate shipping estimate.

We only accept United States and Canadian credit cards. The billing address for these credit cards must be within the United States or Canada. If you are in a United States protectorate you will be allowed to place an order.

Once we have this information we will return email you letting you know the total for the items and the shipping charges. We will also email instructions you will need to send us the payment.