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Special Interest topic: Here is a bit of information that not everyone may be aware of: I was listening to the radio this morning and a caller to the radio station brought up the topic of mandatory seat belt laws. Their complaint was that their seat belt did not fit properly. To anyone that may have this problem we just wanted to let you know that any Toyota Dealership should be able to get seat belt extenders for Toyota owners free of charge to help. We thought we would pass this on......

1. Why don't you have an online catalog? The main reason is that Toyota has about 270,000 part numbers in its data base and it would very difficult to have an accurate catalog that would be user friendly to the public. That leads to another problem we choose to help eliminate and that is getting the wrong part. All of the people taking calls or answering email are involved in a rather extensive training program by Toyota to learn as much as possible about proper parts look-up and finding the hard to locate part, not to mention we read all of the bulletins that Toyota puts out. Toyota also has a habit of superseding part numbers all the time as well as having different vendors to produce their parts which have to live up to Toyota's standards. By having to contact us via telephone or email we do the look-up to help insure that the part is correct the first time.

2. How do I order and ask about pricing on parts? Just fill out some or all of the information in the inquiry form and state which parts that you are looking for. We will contact you with pricing usually within a day or two.

3. Website errors? We have tried to make our site error free. However sometimes mistakes happen. Metro Toyota is not liable for any errors found on this website as to accuracy. Information like, description, price, and shipping prices etc. may change at any time. Errors are fixed as soon as they are found. We apologize in advance for any errors you may find. We work hard along with our customers to provide the best possible experience.

4. How much extra power does the supercharger from TRD offer? The supercharger from TRD offers approximately an extra 70 horsepower. TRD has issued a bulletin that the supercharger should not be installed on 1995 T-100's, due to an incompatibility with the engine computer.

5. Do you only sell Genuine Toyota Parts? Most of the time that is all we sell, in some cases we will check on aftermarket availability for parts that we are not able to get from Toyota because they have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We also check for re-manufactured parts that Toyota does not offer as rebuilt.

6. Why do we need to supply the VIN# in our response? We ask for the VIN# only because our computer generated catalogs use them to extract important information such as; production dates, model classifications and engine types. We do not give this information out to anyone else except for use by our department. By supplying this number at the beginning, "at first contact" we save a step in communication, a lot of times we have to request it later to verify parts applications. Information on finding your vin (Vehicle Identification) number can be viewed below.

Vin Plate

7. Can I get a catalog on CD Rom to use personally for looking up Toyota Parts? We have not been able to find a catalog to distribute to the public for their own parts lookup. We have had a few people ask and every source we try wants too much money to be able to sell it outright. We are continually looking.